12 Spring Summer Decorating Ideas For Your Sustainable Home

tips for spring decoratingTraditionally, spring is a time for renewing and refreshing. As nature goes through her lifecycle, we spring clean, plant new things in the garden and ready ourselves for the heat of summer. During summer, we spend long hours living outdoors, or seeking respite from the heat inside our homes. Adding fresh touches to your home during spring and summer, helps you to connect with nature and enjoy the new life bursting in the outside environment, as well as staying cool and in touch with nature as the mercury rises.

Here are 12 spring summer decorating ideas for your sustainable home to create a bright, fresh and fun home that will see you smiling every time you walk in the door.

1) Add a touch of nature with a wallpaper feature 

Flowers, trees, the beach – these are all important components of spring and summer. Why not combine them with a bold wallpaper choice as a feature wall and even better, frame a window with the wallpaper so that you view the real flowers and greenery as you look past through to the outside. Or place it somewhere unusual. There are many wallpaper choices now that use eco friendly materials and which are easily removed when you decide you no longer want this look. Or you can upcycle an old book or newspaper like Emma did below.  

10 tips for decorating in small spaces


upcycled wallpaper for stairs

wallpapered stairs 2 with lashings of varnish!

tips for decorating with flowers and wallpaper as well as vintage home decor pieces, to create a beautiful vintage feel home with boho touches

2) Use pastel paint colours to give a fresh sunny glow

Pastel colours bring a lovely fresh feel to a room. Try using pastel pinks, baby blues, minty greens, apricots, peaches and yellows. Complement them with gold and copper accessories. Create features with the colour which stand out, such as geometric shapes or stripes, or stop short of painting the entire wall and create a unique look with a colour block. You can also use pastels in your soft furnishings and textiles, such as a beautiful gold and peach cushion, or a creamy yellow throw rug for the colder nights we can still see in spring.

use pretty pastel paint colours to bring a spring summer vibe to your home. Add some flowers and amazing arched doors and windows

Use copper accent cushions, vintage kantha throws and furniture, with a wood wallpaper to create a boho feeling in your home

floral and indian cushions with thrifted flower art creates a boho style living room

3) Add a floral rug to create an indoor flower garden

Rugs are an important part of any room, particularly if you have solid floors, as they soften the space and draw the room together. Look for floral patterns, colours and designs, which will bring a touch of nature. Combinations of natural materials with pops of colour are even better.

tips for spring and summer decorating with a recycled crochet rug

spring and summer decorating with a chindi rug

tips for decorating with chindi rugs
dining new (1 of 1)

4) Forage for flowers, beach finds and natural materials 

Adding natural materials and objects such as stones, shells, sea glass, rustic sea washed timber and even finds such as birds nests, bring a touch of whimsy and a definite spring/summer feel to your decorating. Create vignettes that include the elements of the season, such as fresh and dried flowers, gum nuts, seed pods and natural materials such as wicker baskets full of flowers. Go beach combing and display your finds in a shadow box on the wall made from an old crate or drawer. Use recycled finds such as old windows and doors leant against a wall, to entwine or hang flowers and other finds.

flower frame 7 (1 of 1).jpg small



flower vignette 2 (1 of 1)web

5) Use the birds, the bees, the butterflies and the sea, as a design motif

You can bring the outside inside your home with features such as decals, stencils, art, crockery, and even tiles, that use birds, butterflies or other garden creatures in their design. Sea inspired images create a peaceful mood. Try something different and use the pages of old gardening books, magazines and botanical guides, to wallpaper a wall or decoupage onto a cupboard or dresser. Hang some old fishing floats or a ship’s bell.

Coastal goodness available via Coastal Vintage

Coastal goodness available via Coastal Vintage

6) Create gardens on your porch or deck

Having plants and flowers right near your doors, in particular if they can be flung open to the elements, can really bring the outside in. If you have an indoor/outdoor living area, add potted plants, herbs, flowers and even fruits and vegetables, right on the porch or deck. That way your garden is right in your living zone. Perfect for the summer herbs and tomatoes!


petunias 2

Plant flowers and vegetables near your back door

how to care for indoor plants in winter and spring

7) Use fruit and vegetables as a feature 

Fresh fruit and vegetables can be much more than a delicious meal! Use a variety of seasonal fruits and vegetables on your bench or dining table. Even your coffee table can look fabulous with a bowl of fruit. And even better it is more likely to entice the kids to eat them if they are easy to grab! Think about what you display them in and get creative with wooden or wicker bowls and trays, or vintage pieces.


8) Be inspired by nature for your colour palette

Look around you and see what sorts of colours are blooming in your garden and your local area. Then use these to pick some feature colours for cushions, throws, vases and art work. Contrasting colours such as red and green, purple and yellow, and blue and orange, look fantastic together. This works in all interiors, but has particular impact against a neutral backdrop. Or go with the colours of the sea and use neutral colours, lots of texture and natural materials such as wicker and hemp, complemented with beachy whitewashed wood, blues and crisp whites.


dreamstime_l_24990238 (2)

Try painting a mural

9) Get crafty and create your own nature art

Use your craft skills, or learn some new ones, to create nature themed decorations and art. Make a floral feature for the wall with paper and fabric. Crochet some flowers and attach them to a cushion cover. Cut images of flowers, birds and gardens and turn them into art. Have them framed to take pride of place in your home, or try painting a wall mural.


Get your craft on

10) Stencil a wall, dresser or floor

Stencils can be a great way to add a new design element. Cupboards and dressers can look amazing when you add a stencil. Try this in a tall bookshelf, or if you have open shelves, add a splash of pattern and colour in your kitchen or living area by adding a stencil to the wall behind them. Surprise people when they open the door of your pantry with a lovely floral design. Or go for a more subtle approach and add just one flower using a stencil, or go freehand if you have drawing skills.

stencil after 3 (1 of 1)

11) Consider leaves and foliage as well as flowers

Most of use use flowers in decorating our homes, but have you considered using leaves, foliage and even twigs and sticks in your floral features? These add structure and form to a vase full of flowers, and can look fantastic on their own. Some native trees create beautiful flowers, such as gum trees, which can be easily dried and used as a decorating feature. Gum nuts and seed pods are also lovely as they age and dry, and symbolise the cyclical nature of the seasons. Other flowers such as Proteas, have a naturally beautiful tone and hue long after they have been picked. nature-vignette


12) Add nature to your furniture with floral fabrics, or the colours of the sea and sky

Recovering a chair, ottoman or sofa with a floral fabric will definitely bring the outdoors in. You can take a class, or follow an online tutorial, to learn how to upholster a vintage chair or ottoman. Or if this is a bit much, simply throw a piece of fabric with birds and flowers across the back of the sofa, or your bed and make it sing. If the sea is more your style, stick with blues and whites to create a crisp, beachy feel.

creating a coastal look in your home

antique lounge chair

So what do you think? Have you used some of these in your home, or do you have some to add? I would love to see what your are doing to bring spring and summer into your home so please say hi in the comments




  1. Helen on October 30, 2018 at 10:57 am

    It’s all about the Light. The big skies of Oz are calling, ‘To the Beach!’ or just, ‘Come out into the Garden’. The lowering grey skies of winter have abated & now we have blue that goes on forever.

    • helene on October 30, 2018 at 3:39 pm

      that is beautiful

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