Welcome to The Sustainable Home Hub, an award-winning eco-living, home, travel and lifestyle blog. We are all about inspiring action for our planet while tackling climate grief & eco-anxiety.

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Welcome to The Sustainable Home Hub, an award-winning eco-living, home, travel and lifestyle blog. We are all about inspiring action for our planet while tackling climate grief & eco-anxiety. I am Helen Edwards, an award winning writer, blogger and children's author. I am Mama to 3 beautiful sons and I have just finished my PhD in psychology.

Our focus is on helping you to take small, simple, realistic and actionable steps, to a more sustainable life, while reducing eco-anxiety and climate grief.

Whether you want to make changes in your life to be more sustainable, find ways to get back in touch with nature and your loved ones through travelling our beautiful Australian countryside, while remaining as eco-friendly as possible, or just want to create a healthier, happier life, where you tread more lightly on our beautiful Mother Earth - you are in the right place.

Helen, John and family x

"We believe in beauty in nature, in your home being perfect the way you want it, in family, and in spending time with each other. We support the makers and the shakers who are making, creating, offering us ways to be green. We believe in making choices easier for us all through moving away from the poorly made, the unethical, the fast and the thoughtless. We believe in being out on the wide-open road, connecting with Mother Earth and each other, in blending old with new, doing it yourself, sustainability, a good cup of tea, health and happiness. We stand for our planet, for people of all types, for animals, trees, for difference being fabulous, for ordinary being spectacular, for old being cherished, for community, for stories and for love of people and planet. We believe that every step counts and that if all of us take many small steps, we will make big changes. We know that there are better ways and better choices and we together we can change the world".

Better For Us All

The Sustainable Home Hub is your go-to resource for being sustainable, healthy and happy. We are all about encouraging and inspiring you to create a home & life you love, that is better for you and the planet.

We want to support you to take small, simple, actionable steps at home and in your everyday life, to be more sustainable.

We are all about breaking down barriers to this, making it as easy as possible, and reducing your eco-anxiety. 

We are about speaking out and standing up to drive bigger picture changes to policy and systems, so that we can all be more sustainable in the way we live our lives. Being gentle on yourself and our planet.


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When you see the beauty in the rough, stories underneath the knocks and bangs, layers of life etched into the patina of a thing, you realise the value in everything. 

Value the old, the handmade, the things that stand the test of time, the ones which feel loved under your fingers and tell stories of people who made them. Most importantly always value people and planet first.

Think of yourself like a tree trying to shade a home. As one tree, you can make some definite impact and at certain times of the day, you will cast a strong patch of shade across the roof of the house.

But if you had a group of trees next to you, dotted around the property, you would create a forest, and this would bring far more shade, oxygen and comfort to everything that lives on the block.

On an even wider scale than that, you would contribute to the health of our planet. Together, your little forest of trees would improve the environment of the home and the lives of the people who live in it, as well as the wider world.

These changes in the ways we live are ultimately contributing to reducing the damage to our planet and improving the quality of all of our lives.

The future looks bright when we all look forward together.

About Helen

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I am an ex-social worker, turned eco-living and children's/young adult book author, freelance writer and award winning blogger. I am a former charity founder, winner of an Ausmumpreneur 2018 Bronze awards for Sustainability, an Australian of the Year and Telstra Business Woman's Awards state finalist and recently submitted my thesis for my Psychology PhD. I also have a certificate in Design from the International School of Colour and Design. I am an Ambassador for 5 Gyres - you can read more about their work here.  I am also an Ambassador for the Orangutan Alliance - read more about their work here. So many people are yearning to go back to a slower pace of life, to appreciate difference and connect with what matters in life – and so The Sustainable Home Hub (initially Recycled Interiors) was born in April 2013.I am passionate about living a life that leaves this beautiful planet in a state that allows future generations and other creatures we share the world with, to live long and well.I have spent many years decorating my home in my own unique style and cherishing the stories that lie behind old stuff. I grew up with bohemian parents who valued the environment and were passionate about people and planet. I have also lived with depression and anxiety in my past, and I saw so many people also getting stressed about life, it made me want to do more.I strongly believe that mental health, wellbeing and sustainability are closely connected. 

First and foremost I am mama to these 3 gorgeous boys (all a little older than when this photo was taken), and wife to my wonderful hubby, John.

From when I was a little girl being banned from watching Lassie (yes really!) because I was too worried about her being left behind during the opening credits ( before the show even got into the multitude of crises she faced!), to my career as a social worker, my founding of a national diabetes charity, my research, my children's writing, and my work at The Sustainable Home Hub - helping people and making a difference to the world is really what floats my boat.

I have 3 sons which is pretty amazing considering my type 1 diabetes which I have lived with since 1979. Pregnancy with type 1 diabetes is tough. I am damn proud of these 3 kids, and myself.

I am an eternal optimist, and lover of colour and nature. I make mistakes, lots of them and I worry about what people think of me. I have always had that issue. I am waiting until I grow up to get over it.

I DO NOT like large spiders. Just in case you were thinking of showing me any of those on your Instagram feed.

I do however LOVE whales and birds, please share them a lot with me.

I love to share, a lot, about everything.

My favourite smell is that of rain.

I adore trees and hug them regularly.

I write every single day of my life.

You can head across to my author site here.

About Our Team

The Sustainable Home Hub is very much a family business and everyone pitches in. Our team at the moment consists of Helen, along with "Mr Recycled" (as he is affectionately known) - AKA, John; Grandma AKA (also) Helen;  Baba AKA Barry; and James and Maxwell. Our son Cameron and his wonderful partner Jess also provide us with love, support, laughter and ideas for content on our blog and in our community.

About "Mr Recycled"

John is a carpenter by trade and full of skills and tips when it comes to building and design. He can turn his hand to pretty much anything and is often seen up a ladder, sawing something, or hammering away! He is an integral part of the vision and planning for The Sustainable Home Hub, as well as content creation and marketing support. Mr Recycled often appears in blog and social media campaigns for brands. Married to Helen since 1998, John provides invaluable support to Helen in her life with chronic diseases, in parenting their 3 boys, and countless hours of laughter and love. James and Maxwell provide ideas, a young person's perspective about the planet, and support to our team, and often feature in blog and social media content (as well as putting up with their Mama's constant home rearranging and renovating!).

Maxwell and my Mum a few years ago - so many activities for the familyAbout "Grandma and Baba Recycled"

Both Helen W and Barry are trained teachers and long time environmental supporters. Their passion for the world is what sparked Helen E to create Recycled Interiors in the first place. Helen W is also a counsellor and writer. Supporting Helen as a counsellor in her diabetes charity for many years, she was also a driving force behind the community and volunteered her time to support thousands of people online. She has been integral to Recycled Interiors since its inception and provides moderation support in our Facebook group, as well as joining in with challenges and content creation. She has edited books, articles and provided insight into a more sustainable life. She is a creative woman and makes a number of pieces for our store. Finally, she and Baba Recycled are the main support system for Helen and John, and regularly care for their grandchildren, sharing conversation, laughter and love - and spend family holidays together by the sea -as the most important part of life is time with loved ones.