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Do you have a business, brand, product or story to share? If you are a great fit for what I stand for, then we should chat! The Sustainable Home Hub is an award winning blog and one of the most popular sustainable and healthy home and living blogs in Australia. Most recently, I won a bronze award for sustainability in the AusMumpreneur Awards in 2018.

We have a rapidly growing community of over 140,000 people across our social media channels, keen for stories about sustainable living, interior design and decorating, eco and green living, DIY products and projects, healthy living and more.

This offers you the perfect platform to present your brand, across the blog and social channels.

As an award-winning writer, blogger, speaker and advocate, who is also a social media pioneer, I am the perfect person to collaboarate with you and share your stories.

I first began blogging, connecting with people and growing community online in 2001; and am now one of Australia's top bloggers and a published author. The Sustainable Home Hub, is the number 1 sustainable living blog & number 10 home design blog in Australia via Catablog and I have featured in a range of media including print, radio and television.

I have spoken at a variety of sustainable living and community events, including the World Environment Fair, Adelaide Sustainable Building Network events, Gawler Sustainable Living Festival and the Pratically Green Festival.

A passionate and genuine lover of people and planet, my aim is to inspire and educate people to make changes in their lives to be more sustainable while creating a home they love.

I was an Australian of the Year state finalist in 2016 and a Telstra Business Women's Award state finalist in 2015. I am married with 3 sons and when not writing, blogging, reading, and chatting with my community online, I love to spend time with my beautiful family, walking in nature, pottering at home doing renovations and DIY, and taking road trips across our beautiful country.

You can see more about  my books and writing at my author site here.



The Sustainable Home Hub is Australia’s home for sustainable, eco and vintage decorating, living & design.

It is your go-to resource for being sustainable, healthy and happy at home. Get sustainable decorating and design, DIY and upcycling ideas, sustainable living, healthy lifestyle and wellbeing tips and inspiration.

Blog posts are released a minimum of 2- 3 times per week.

  • There is an email list of over 4600 members who receive a weekly news with exclusive content, and access to the Sustainable Home Hub Community
  • A closed Facebook group - Sustainable Home Hub Community with more than 2000 members & growing
  • A very engaged Facebook page with over 84,000 followers
  • A beautifully curated Instagram page with over 22, 300 followers
  • Pinterest account has 657,000 monthly viewers with 25,500 monthly engaged and 18,000 followers



Not only have I been blogging and creating online communities since 2001, but have also worked as a social media manager and trained small and large businesses in how to utilise social media to grow their brand, including many design businesses and Charles Darwin University. All campaigns will be managed directly by me. Please contact me below for our stats and media kit for all blog and social media sponsored content, collaborations and advertising options.

I have worked with many different brands including Monsta paints, Amex, Annie Sloan, Feast Watson, Officeworks, WOMADelaide, White Knight, Sleepmaker, Etsy, Garage Sale Trail, Gumtree, Amart, Ikea, Origin Energy, Insinkerator, Pigeon and Weasel, Spotlight, Seasol and Nerada Tea. I was a Bloggerati with Nuffnang when they were operating in Australia, and am a sought after blogger by numerous brands both large and small.

I am a very experienced speaker and have presented locally, nationally and internationally to groups, workshops, academic conferences, professional training, consumer events and festivals.


Services include but are not limited to:
  • Sponsored Blog & Social Campaigns
  • Sponsored Posts
  • Social Media only Campaigns
  • Sponsored Giveaways and product features
  • Projects and DIY
  • Advocacy and Ambassador roles
  • Speaking at events, workshops and groups
  • Live Video on social and blog
  • Guest appearances and speaking
  • Brand Ambassadorships
  • Joint events
  • Style and Photograph for your products
  • Product Reviews
  • Instagram takeovers for brands

*We are open to discussing all potential campaigns but it is the discretion of Helen as to what will be accepted based on our values around sustainability and what is of interest and benefit to our community.



"Hi Helen -I have enjoyed the decorating challenge. It has motivated me to clear out the room we never use, but just walk through it to get to the bedroom and make it a workable room again. I am slowly bringing everything back in and working out where everything is going to fit nicely. I like how your room has art work all over the walls, I have never thought of that before, to me one art work to one wall has been norm. I am changing that and heading to get more hooks ( don't tell my husband!). Thanks for motiovating many people, especially me 😉 - Colleen

"Dear Helen -I love to read your emails and visit your blog. Thank you for taking the time and effort to do this. I certainly agree that decorating is good for you. I inherited some vintage china from my mother. Most of it has very little monetary value but I love to wash them and rearrange them as it gives me a great feeling of connectedness. I sew quilts for myself and my family. I feel a sense of achievement when they are complete. I have a little table that was in my bedroom when I was a child. I painted it and added photocopies of my father’s war records, my parents’ marriage certificate and other similar documents. I love this table and hope my children and grandchildren will one day love it as well. So many things in my home bring me joy because of the memories attached to them. Keep up the good work. You are making a difference" Naomi

“We’re so excited to be connecting with like-minded people via Recycled Interiors and The Sustainable Home Hub platform. As a directory, it’s a great listing for services and products with a sustainable focus. And as a platform, it’s providing information and advocacy for green living. It’s smart. And, it’s the way of the future.”—KT Doyle, Founder, JEANBAG

"Helen is an experienced blogger and social media expert, and a pleasure to work with. Helen's strong communication skills, down-to-earth approach, creativity and perseverance have been paramount in her successful approach to engaging audiences across multiple mediums. Helen's experience ranges from founding an online counselling service for people with diabetes to now focusing on her sustainable living and decorating business. Helen's successful approach to social media and blogging has seen her business grow and she continuously demonstrates a strong passion for health, wellbeing and sustainability. - Nicole Bassett, PROJECT MANAGER

"We had the wonderful pleasure of working with Helen. Her fine eye for detail was a wonderful advantage for us. She gave great ideas for our campaign and our expectations were more than exceeded. We would not hesitate to work with Recycled Interiors in the future. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for agreeing to work with Pigeon and Weasel. Ariane and Prue x" Pigeon and Weasel

"We really admire everything about Helen at Recycled Interiors & the Sustainable Home Hub. Personally it's such a great resource and go to website for all products sustainable, packed with interesting and useful information.

As a business owner I really admire all the hard work and commitment that has gone into creating the Sustainable Home Hub and it all if offers to customers and small business like ours". Bronwyn Riedel Bauwerk

"Helen is an extremely knowledgeable and experienced blogger and social media manager who engages her audience in a professional, yet authentic and relatable manner. Helen has a special skill and passion for building a genuine connection with people". Kelly Wagner, KIDS YOGA

"Helen Edwards is one of those women who seems to juggle more balls in the air then the rest of us could even consider, yet she humbly acknowledges that life isn’t all Insta-perfect all the time, thank goodness, there’s enough of that going around!

Her passion for all things ethical, sustainable and handmade is unsurpassed and she works extremely hard to help us average folk make better choices, have access to often hard-to-find resources and brings joy and inspiration into our daily lives through her social media channels and emails.

A seasoned thrifter and up-cycler, Helen’s styling blends vintage pieces with one-off handmade and is fun-filled, yet considered and balanced; encouraging the viewer to feel that they can achieve something similar in their own home without having to resort to living on lentils for the next 6 months.

Helen is incredibly generous in her knowledge and impeccably professional to work with; I cannot recommend this lady highly enough!" Sarah, Sea Soul Studio

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