Bower Bird Annette’s Upcycled House Tour

#realhomesmovement tour of an upcycled vintage homeAnnette Mayne is the Communications Manager for The Bower Reuse & Repair Centre. Day to day you’ll find her spruiking the various programs The Bower offers – like the weekly Repair Café, regular DIY workshops (she also doubles as facilitator for the Intro Upholstery classes), the annual Tiny House building project and fundraising auction, talking to the media to get the word out and then there’s the small stuff….like monthly e-newsletters, daily social media posts and liaising with the 21 councils who are part of The Bower’s Collection & Rehoming Service. And she does it all in just three days a week. “It’s frantic, that’s for sure”, says Annette, “but it’s doing what I love. I’m passionate about stopping usable items from going to landfill – I can talk rubbish all day!”.
#realhomesmovement tour of an upcycled vintage home
Outside of work, Annette restores and upcycles furniture into usable pieces, and turns discarded fabrics into new creations via her little home business @mulberrymischief, where she also teaches basic sewing skills to local children, passing on the skills to the next generation. Her home is filled with second-hand furniture, upcycled creations and op shop bargains. “It’s definitely a real home”, says Annette, “I couldn’t live in a catalogue house! This house is warm and friendly and embodies my love of second-hand.”

#realhomesmovement tour of an upcycled vintage homeToday’s #realhomesmovement tour is Annette’s current home which is on the market as they are moving on. It is a wonderful example of well loved, unique home, filled with love and vintage finds. The piecrust mirror in the main bedroom was a roadside find. The poodle lamp was an op shop buy. The bed is secondhand via ebay and all the furniture in her daughter’s bedroom was her own childhood furniture. The large tallboy drawers are antique Australian red cedar – Annette’s dad taught her how to restore furniture on this piece when  she was just 14, so it is very special.

#realhomesmovement tour of an upcycled vintage home

#realhomesmovement tour of an upcycled vintage home

The timber flooring in living area was all second-hand, the glass in kitchen cupboards was salvaged from the old 1950’s kitchen cupboards. The kitchen benchtop was recycled hardwood and all other furniture is secondhand and refurbished (mostly by Annette). The loft bed in her son’s bedroom was made by James Galletly (The Upcyclist) using timbers and ladders she personally salvaged from local houses being demolished; likewise the timber ladder being used as a bookshelf.#realhomesmovement tour of an upcycled vintage home

#realhomesmovement tour of an upcycled vintage home

The decking out the back was all recycled hardwood and there are recycled hardwood posts for pergola – on which they are training grape vines to be a natural awning in summer and still allow northern light through in winter. All new windows in the house were double-glazed to provide ultimate insulation. The painting in the living room – landscape scene with trees in a black frame – was found in a skip bin.  All the doors were from the original house or purchased second-hand and Annette had all the door handles/knobs on the vintage doors re-plated at an electroplater, rather than purchasing new (reproduction) handles. The rubber flooring in the kitchen is Dalsouple Rubber and the kitchen clock was an ex-train station clock and is hardwired so she never has to change batteries. What a wonderful home!

If you would like to share your #realhomesmovement tour please get in touch!

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