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Why Compost is Important with ShareWaste

Tomas Brambora and Eliska Bramborova love compost so much they created a community platform to make sure more of us can reduce our food waste and turn it into compost! Based in Sydney, ShareWaste is an international platform that connects people to each other to help save more organic waste from landfill, and make new soil. “We match…

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Why You Need to Ditch Plastic Food Wraps

When it comes to reducing your single use plastics, the kitchen is a great place to start. Gone are the days of wrapping everything in plastic cling wrap or sandwich bags. Laura Eddington from Sustainable Home Hub listed business Little Bumble, says that as well as being an environmental disaster, plastics can release chemicals into…

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How to Reduce Single Use Plastics With Style

calico tote strawberry

Can you imagine how exciting it was when plastic was invented?! It must have been incredible to have a material with such a variety of forms and uses. Now, plastic is just part of our lives, but the single use plastics that are part of many people’s every day, such as shopping bags, water bottles…

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