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For the Love of Stories

ideas for an upcycled christmas

  I am very lucky to have grown up with parents who encouraged a love of books and words. As english teachers and book lovers themselves, it was inevitable that I would end up spending my days with my head buried in a book. The highlight of my school holidays was the delicious trip to…

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The Future of Electric Vehicles in Australia

the future of electric cars in Australia

**This post is brought to you with the support of Origin Energy Recently Maxwell and I were on our regular walk to school, when he asked me about the future of cars. Our conversation turned to wondering if human beings could ever go back to horse transport, and whether we would want to. On the…

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Why Noticing Matters

why noticing the world matters in sustainability with vintage homewares

Have you ever sat in the middle of a busy place and just watched people bustling past? When you do, you see them all going in their different directions with their personal needs and plans, often not even seeing what is around them, or each other. Likewise, have you ever sat by a river or…

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