Elementals Collection for Designer Rugs Launched

The wonderful St James Whitting released its first Elementals Collection for Designer Rugs at its Sydney showroom last week.  More than 80 people attended including architects, designers, clients, media, design students and friends of designers, Kate St James and Catherine Whitting, who are well known on the design scene. Kate has featured on the blog…

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How To Decorate With Vintage Style

decorating your home with vintage

Do you love a vintage style home? There is nothing better than a home that reflects the personality and lives of those who live in it. Adding vintage pieces brings depth, warmth and story to your home. It may be using some new items made with recycled materials such as our stunning recycled floor/meditation cushions…

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Why Taking Risks Can Be Good For You

rustic wall and fireplace - why taking risks can be good for you

Are you a risk taker? Do you strike out on a whim with any old idea that comes to mind and then see what happens? Or sit quietly by the sidelines until you can see the potential end point, before taking a step towards what you want? Or maybe you are somewhere in between? I…

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How to Love Your Lounge Room More

Do you have a formal lounge room? The days of one special room for guests and grown ups are gone, with most of us having a more casual approach to our every day living areas. Some of you will have just the less formal sitting room, or family room, which we looked at the other…

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