Creating a Sustainable Boho Home with Coco Rose Interiors

How to create a boho botanica wonderland in your child's bedroom

If you love the Boho look, you will be pleased to hear there are lots of sustainable choices on offer. Using second-hand vintage pieces is common in a boho scheme. Handmade and natural materials also feature and help to create the warm colours and textures of a boho style home.  Petria Leggo-Field from Coco Rose Interiors knows how to do this better than most. Her store offers a luxe range of handmade bohemian style furniture and decor, made from robust natural materials. They use renewable and eco friendly materials such as rattan, shell, macrame, linen, leather, wood and bamboo to create their range.

Opening in 2018, Petria says they are a “FIFO mining family” with three beautiful daughters – Rhiana, Lola and Coco aged 9, 3 and 17 months respectively. After selling their Brisbane home and moving their family to Bali for 12 months in 2016, they were inspired by the simplistic island lifestyle. This prompted them to create a business that inspires a more natural and minimalistic way for people to design their homes and live their lives.

When it comes to sustainability, Petria says it is everything. “We aim to inspire a more natural and minimalistic way of living. Our heirloom pieces are handmade from renewable eco-friendly materials that can passed from generation to generation. We encourage our community to invest in high quality pieces with a minimalistic focus on essential items in the home that speak true to your values” she explains.

Creating a Sustainable Boho Home with Coco Rose InteriorsWhen creating a more sustainable home, Petria says there are many common areas where you can take action, such as installing solar, recycling, catching public transport and saving water, but there are many less obvious places create a more sustainable future.

Buying items that are of high quality will ensure long term use and reduce the need to be a part of a throwaway society. Using items that have a multipurpose is another great way to reduce clutter in the home and the strain we put on the environment. Of course, source pieces for your home that are made from sustainable resources!

  • Start with one room and assess what you can reduce, what you can repurpose and what you don’t need all together.
  • Look in the less obvious places to create a more mindful home – it was just this year I discovered that you can actually recycle Easter egg wrappers. Just press them into a tight ball and send them for recycling.
  • Recently I had a fruit fly problem which I discovered you can resolve the problem with some brown vinegar and honey. It takes a few days to really start working but far better than using harmful chemicals.
  • You can also register to stop your phone book being delivered! With Google nowadays at everyone’s fingers, there’s no need to waste so much paper.

Creating a Sustainable Boho Home with Coco Rose Interiors

Creating a Sustainable Boho Home with Coco Rose Interiors

creating a botanical boho wonderland bedroom for your childOne of Petria’s favourite rooms in their own home is her nine year old daughter’s room, which she styled with their furniture and decor pieces. Decorating a child’s bedroom is always a balance between designing something that will function well, with something they will love and can escape and dream within. In our home at Recycled HQ, we have always let our boys have what they wanted in their rooms – and often they have not really cared too much about that! Our youngest Maxwell however, has clear ideas about wanting something that reflects his love of history, so in our upcoming renovation of his room we will be playing with that theme.

The theme in Petria’s daughter’s room is a boho botanical wonderland, which she was inspired to create from a book called Botanicum, curated by Katie Scott and Kathy Willis. “Each element reflects a piece of Rhiana’s personality as she has always been in love with animals and nature. I selected a wallpaper that complemented the theme perfectly and built on the design with earthy elements including our rattan day bed and lots of indoor plants”. Petria says she was really happy how the dollhouse frames turned out once they wallpapered them too. “I think people often underestimate the versatility of walls in a room. The options and placement for your favourite pieces are endless and can really make a room” she says.

Do you love the Boho look and what kind of things does your child want in their room?




  1. TColl on April 26, 2018 at 5:37 am

    It is pretty difficult to believe that a FIFO mining couple – people who get rich from raping the earth – would give a stuff about the environment in any genuine sense. Sounds like classic greenwashing to me.

    This is one Brisbane resident who will stay well away.

    • helene on April 29, 2018 at 6:38 am

      I can see your point….however I have no idea what the FIFO work actually is, in terms of the mining that they are involved in. I do however believe that this couple are creating a business with a sustaianble approach and trying to make a difference with their business and their own home and way of living.

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