Hand Woven Artworks from recycled materials, G-Lish Foundation at The Design Hunter


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Established in 2010 by Godwin Yidana (Ghana) and Gayle Pescud (Australia), G-lish Foundation is a registered non-government organisation that develops environmentally sustainable, income generating projects to reduce poverty in rural Ghana. These projects have powerful social, economic and environmental impacts.

The Design Hunter has a selection of the beautiful woven textile artworks from G-lish, which are handmade from recycled fabric and plastic, using traditional basket weaving techniques. I was given this beautiful wall hanging to borrow so I could run a feature for the blog, but it is so beautiful I am buying it! Don’t you think it is made for our walls?!

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I will share the before and after of this roadside find coffee table on the blog tomorrow!

I will share the before and after of this roadside find coffee table on the blog tomorrow!

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As of May 2014 G-lish now pays over 80 producers for handcrafted items using recycled materials, the cornerstone of G-lish’s work.

G-lish Foundation undertakes projects that:

  • Generate fair income
  • Reduce poverty
  • Sustain the environment &
  • Bring about social, economic and environmental change in impoverished communities in Ghana.

G-lish does this by:

  • Providing access to international markets for products which generate a fair income for the producers;
  • Recycling plastic and fabric waste–a major problem in Ghana– into twine that is woven into high quality pieces by weavers with decades of experience; and

Advocating for fair prices by global buyers on behalf of straw basket weavers in Ghana.
making wall hang 3 making wal hagThe artisan who weaves the piece spends around 3 – 4 days just weaving each piece, depending on the size. The larger they are, the longer each takes. They usually use around 400 pieces of plastic twine (which is 400 plastic bags), and around 3 yards of recycled cloth, per basket. The artisan weaves the plastic and cloth together in alternate rows in an under-over, tight weave. She works to her vision and unique style. You can see the “handle” or “signature” of some artisans in their pieces.

Gail says “We have re-used over 332,000 plastic bags since 2010 and around 2000 yards of recycled fabric—about 1.5 tonnes of recycled materials altogether, which is great for environmental regeneration, income generation, and the next generation of children who are now in school and getting an education and opportunities from the income their mothers and some fathers, are earning.”

That is really a true win win win – a win for the communities in Ghana, a win for the environment and a win for the lucky people who get to have these art works on our walls. All the proceeds go back to the artisans in Ghana.wall hanging  others 2

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I am extremely in love with this piece and this project. I had been meaning to feature Gail on the blog for so long and when Gemma at The Design Hunter offered me a loan for this shoot, I jumped at it. I am so glad I did. My boys are also very much in love with this work and I know you will be too.

You can see the entire range on The Design Hunter. And more about the G-Lish Foundation here.

What do you think?


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  1. Gayle Pescud on November 20, 2014 at 7:36 am

    Thank you Helen! It was a lovely surprise to wake up and find this. Thank you on behalf of everyone at G-lish Ghana; we really appreciate your support and writing. x g

  2. Recycled Interiors on November 21, 2014 at 9:31 am

    You are welcome Gayle Pescud xx

  3. GHLodgingNews on November 22, 2014 at 5:54 am

    For quality Hand Woven Artworks from recycled materials, G_lishGhana at The Design Hunter got you covered. http://tinyurl.com/oxhqhoe.

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