Healthy Planet, Healthy People, Healthy Home Book Launch Day!

I am very proud and very excited, to be formally launching my new book – Healthy Planet, Healthy People, Healthy Home – Create a Sustainable Home You Love – on Sunday  5th June! I chose this date as it is World Environment Day – a special day to recognise how the environment is a global issue, and should not be segmented by any boundaries. This year the theme is “Go Wild For Wild Life – Zero Tolerance for the illegal wildlife trade.” Check out the official site to find out how to get involved.

The book is a very special project for me and I can not wait to share it with you. If you have ordered your early copy, you will get it on Sunday! Along with your special gifts. And I will be announcing some very special news about the book on launch day too! I will be popping in and out of our Facebook Page with some live videos – so make sure you are part of our community here.

granny cake webHome is not the same thing to everyone yet we all have the same basic need for home, for shelter and a place in the world that we call ours. Home should not be dictated by popular culture or driven by consumption or competition. Home should be based around love. It should nurture and hold those who live in it, and it should work with the environment in which it stands, not against it. Most importantly, home is about the people who live there. Your health and happiness are connected to the way you live, and the way you live is connected to the health of the planet. The fish who swim in the sea are eaten by birds who deposit their droppings under trees to feed them, which then give us shade, food, shelter, building materials and clean air – it is all connected. We are all connected.

There seems to be a loss of these connections. The different parts of our connected world are broken up into “portfolios” to be managed by various politicians more interested in votes than actually improving our lives. People buy food in sterile plastic containers from the supermarket with no connection to where it has been grown, who has grown it, or how it has been transported to them. They toss away the leftovers and the rubbish without any care for where it ends up. You can get whatever you want whenever you want and someone else will deal with the waste. Self has become more important than community, here and now more important than the future. We need to reawaken connection and the way that every action has a direct effect on another part of this circle. We need to wake up now while we still have a chance to make a difference, and I know many of you are fully awake and yearning to make change.

I heard Doctor David Suzuki speak recently, and he said that it is love that will help us save our planet. Not in a “hippie dippy” way, but in the love we have for our children and their children, and so on and on. If you truly love your children, and I know you do, you must take a stand to preserve the beauty and quality of life you are able to experience right now, so that they can continue to experience this too. The future really is in our hands and arguing about whether it is weather or climate change, or whether someone is right or wrong is not really the point. The facts are clear.

I am not a sustainability expert and I do not live in an off grid home surrounded by chickens and underground water tanks. Starting the Recycled Interiors blog in April 2013 was part of my desire to make a difference. I have much to learn and am constantly trying to improve my knowledge and change my behaviour. I am just an ordinary girl who wants to leave the world in the best state possible for my children and grandchildren.

coverLeaving it to someone else is not an option. We must all make as many changes as we can, to ensure we leave the planet in a fit state for future generations and to ensure our own quality of life is not affected any further. It can feel hopeless when you read all of the facts and figures, but what I want you to take heart from, is that this is why we are changing the way we live. We are not just growing tomatoes because it is fun, or shifting back to locally grown food because we are wannabe hipsters. We are not buying furniture from locally made woodworkers just because it is beautiful or on trend. We are not upcycling and making our own cushion covers just because it is satisfying to do something yourself. All of those things may be true – but these changes in the ways we live are ultimately contributing to reducing the damage to our planet and improving the quality of all of our lives.

Some Of What You Will Get From The Book

  1. Stories from the various contributors and myself, about our journey to a more sustainable home we love
  2. Learn more about sustainable building and design
  3. Get the basics on why you should have a home garden, how to start composting and why your food source and waste is so critical to our planet
  4. Learn some great DIY, upcycling and craft projects
  5. Improve your health and wellbeing, and the health of our planet, through the growing, cooking and eating of food and grab a few old fashioned, yummy recipes from our contributors
  6. Create a more sustainable home you can love, the way you like to decorate, with the things you like to have around you – making it your own, not something out of a magazine
  7. Have fun and see the impact you can have on the planet, in making, creating and doing it yourself
  8. Take a peek into some beautiful homes with house tours, to see what a sustainable home might look like

Every step, every change, every action, makes a difference. You are just one person alone, but together we are many. Join me on a journey through the many ways you can create a more sustainable home you can love. Order your pre launch copy here but be quick as the special deal closes on 5th June!



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