How to Upcycle an IKEA Bed into a Benchseat

IKEA hack - how to turn an IKEA bed into a benchseat

The following is an outdoor bench upcycle from an Ikea bed shared by the lovely Fiona Parry Jones and her hubby Nick, from Von Haus Designs

Upcycled Ikea Bench Seat

1) We wanted a bench seat for the garden, so I used a 500mm overall depth. Any more than this and it will be too deep to sit comfortably. step 1
2) Bracing for the legs is required to provide stability. The bracing can be done in a number of ways. I went with a combination of the second and third designs which proved to be strong and reasonably elegant.

stp 2

3) Here are the dimensions I used.

step 3

4) This is the Ikea bed we stared with. The only two elements we used were the slats and the edge beams.

step 4

5) First, remove the slats from the bed. Remove the fabric tape stapled to them and cut them to size.

step 5
6) Here are the slats cut to size and pre-drilled. It looks simple but this process takes a bit of time.

step 6

7) Next, move on to the legs. I have used housing joints for my legs. They make a strong joint and also give a simpler appearance.

The three most important things I can tell you about cutting:
1. Consider thrice
2. Measure twice
3. Cut ONCE

step 7
8) Here are the finished pieces of frame ready for assembly.

step 8
9) Before final assembly, lay out the pieces of the frame together and check the fit. You can see here that using housing joints actually makes the assembly fairly simple. You will need a mitre saw for some of the cuts. Visible at the top edge of the beam piece is a timber rail which the slats will be fixed to. This piece was already a part of the bed, no further work required!

stp 9

10) I always like to “mock up” the piece before getting started on the final assembly. I find that this stage allows me to make subtle adjustments to the piece. Here the legs have been clamped in place.

step 10

11) More “mocking up” ahead of final assembly.

step 11

12) I finished the seat with two coats of white exterior paint. Apply additional coats to the bottom of the legs as these will wear and allow water in, eventually destroying the timber.

step 12

13) The finished piece!

step 13

14) I carved an F in the front of my seat because it is for my wife Fiona. This type of carving can be done with a little practice. If you are interested in carving the link below has a fantastic tutorial.
Good luck and remember the three rules!


step 14

So there you go, have a go! OR adapt this project and make a bench seat with different materials

Thank you to Nick and Fiona for the project.



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  1. Helen Edwards on January 31, 2014 at 12:29 pm

    you are more than welcome, thank you guys for sharing! xx

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