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We are aiming to build a directory where you can search for all your sustainable design, build, decorate and healthy living needs – in one place. Search in your location or by business – and if YOU have a sustainable, handmade, organic, eco living, vintage, eco or fair trade business, in the interests of growing the hub, we have just SLASHED our listing rates in HALF – now just $79 for an ENTIRE year of listing, which includes opportunities for blog and social media listings.

Benefits of joining the Sustainable Hub

In 2016 we had 481,745 views across the Recycled Interiors website. Currently, the Recycled Interiors community has over 140,000 very engaged people who are passionate about sustainable decorating and design, and growing daily.

Make use of the existing Recycled Interiors networks, email mail outs, Facebook community of over 83,000 followers and over 22,000 Instagram followers! Get YOUR business in front of more people without lifting a finger and join a growing movement of passionate people. You will be able to chat to us about blog and social media features, advertising and promotion of your business.

The Sustainable Home Hub aims to:

  • Bring together sustainable, green and eco friendly design+build+decorate+living businesses who provide materials, products or services.
  • Make it easier for businesses to reach potential customers, and for people to find what they need when seeking to design, build and decorate their home.
  • Create a one stop hub to seek services, products and materials, for designing, building, renovating, decorating & living in your home.

All listings will be assessed to determine if they fit our values for:

  • Eco and earth friendly products
  • Sustainably and responsibly sourced materials
  • Consideration of the process and chain of supply
  • Packaging, materials and carbon footprint
  • Fair trade, social welfare and ethical principles

Where possible, we will look for certification of products and businesses, via third party certification – and will request this on application where appropriate. We will make every attempt to ensure all businesses are in line with the sustainable principles of the hub before listing.

How to join the Sustainable Home Hub

Just head here to add your business – Anyone with a design, build, decorate business; healthy living, organic and sustainable skin and body care, home care, cleaning, plastic alternatives, homewares, fair trade, artists, furniture makers and stores, vintage sellers and more – come join us!

How to Search The Hub

If you are looking for a sustainable Architect, Designer, Builder, Homewares Store, Furniture Maker, Vintage Store, Eco Store etc, just head here to browse and search the Hub

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