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Are you a Gardening Australia fan? We love it at our house and have always settled down to watch and get ideas for our own garden. TV presenter and sustainability expert Josh Byrne who presents the WA section of the show, has been featured on our blog before, showcasing his own sustainable 10 star house project. This was turned into a great series, Josh’s House, where you could see the process and get ideas about how to make your own suburban home more sustainable.

Josh's House

Josh’s House

He now presents a ground breaking new series: ‘JOSH’S HOUSE STAR PERFORMERS’.

Like the initial series that followed the design and build of Josh’s own high performance home, this series will be completely open source with plans, fact sheets and videos being made available for free via This means you can get precise information about how to make changes and put things into practice.

You can get involved and join the conversation via JOSH’S HOUSE social media pages.

In the first episode just released, we see Josh visit a house which is a CSIRO project, completed in 2010. “It ticks the boxes for being a part of the star performers tour because it is a good example of an affordable and accessible high performance home and importantly, they are collecting the data to prove that it works” says Josh. “I wanted to start the tour in Melbourne because it’s under real pressure from massive population growth and sprawling urban development. To me highly efficient housing design should be a priority” he continues.


The CSIRO’s Australian Zero Emission House (AusZEZ) is an eight-star energy efficiency rated home showcasing off-the shelf building and renewable energy generation technologies. It incorporates new future-ready energy management technologies, matched to meet the design requirements of its location, and the budget of a typical middle income Australian family. This is so important as I know many of us think that these ideas are fabulous, but how can we afford them?

The Zero Emission House proves what’s possible for affordable and accessible high performance housing in Melbourne, asking the question: Why aren’t we seeing more of it?

This is the question. If we have the ideas, materials and technology, why are we not seeing sustainable builds as the norm in our housing industry? When I was at Grand Designs in Melbourne there was a lot of discussion around some of the fantastic public spaces which are being built in Melbourne, with sustainable credentials. Kevin McCloud talked about the importance of considering both inside and outside spaces in creating sustainable communities. These ideas need to be applied to residential housing on an individual level and be made accessible through regular building companies.

CSIRO state that the building sector is responsible for 30 to 40 per cent of global CO2 emissions and has the greatest potential for low cost CO2 emissions savings. Their AusZEH is able to make enough zero emission electricity to satisfy its own energy needs and does not produce CO2 or other greenhouse gases as a result of the energy used in the house, or on the site. It also uses 70 per cent less energy than a traditional home

Episode 2 - Townsville

Episode 3 – Townsville

Josh’s House STAR PERFORMERS is aiming to create a national conversation about the future of our housing and the demand for more energy efficient solutions, at the same time considering the importance of designing homes that are comfortable, good for our health, hip pockets and our future. It shows that we can create better buildings, and that we should be.

Healthy Planet, Healthy People, Healthy Home.

Did you see any of the Josh’s House Series? And what do you think you could do more or less of to be more sustainable at your place? I know we are very keen to change to solar and are working on the most affordable way to do this over the next year. I am researching this and will share on the blog once I have gathered my information.




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