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Helen Edwards Award winning blogger and author AustraliaWelcome to 2019!

I hope you had a lovely Christmas and new year’s welcome to 2019! We had our usual quiet little family Christmas, followed by those lazy days when you don’t know what the day actually is, and each one slides into the next. We are now at our beach shack for a little holiday, so there are plenty of days to read, write and play board games, ahead. I have however been back working since boxing day. I want to share what will be happening in 2019, and what you can expect. Please note that items ordered from Recycled Interiors store between the 4th and 10th January will be posted on the 11th. Apologies for any inconvenience but we are a small, family operated business.

My health has not been great the past few months. I have most definitely been suffering, yet I feel happiness and joy, despite these struggles. There are so many people dealing with hard things. These things do not have to take away from all of the joy in your life. It can be hard when you reach rock bottom (I have been there) but when others reach out to you, it is easier to climb back towards happiness. This is also the best way to stick at living a more sustainable life, fighting against the consumerism and lack of care that comes from so many big businesses and so called leaders. We are going to take back our planet. We are going to do what we can, so that we can say we lived a life that made a difference – this does not have to be some huge thing, sometimes it is the quiet, gentle things that matter most.

This year, we are focusing on kindness and community – creating connections with you, and connecting you to other people in our community, so that we can take steps together to create homes and lives that are gentle on the earth, and ourselves. We want to encourage more tenderness, more consideration of other creatures, nature and each other. We want you to love yourself, and stop worrying about what people think about you, your home and your life. Step into 2019 with kindness alongside us. 

Sustainable Home Hub

The sustainable home hub blog and directory will continue to share tips, ideas, inspiration and businesses, to help you create a more sustainable home and life. We recently ran a poll on our Facebook page, asking whether you would like to see more sustainable decorating, or more lifestyle related posts and stories. It was pretty even! Lots of you said both, so you can expect both in 2019.

Currently on the blog we have a story about How to Create a more sustainable and mindful home here , simple ways to reduce eco-anxiety here, how to make an upcycled tie ottoman here, and a re-visit of our popular house tour in Stirling eco home here. You can expect a variety of new and updated posts in 2019, as well as more video content.

If you have not checked out the Directory lately, head here to search all of the amazing businesses. We look forward to adding more and sharing their work in 2019.

We have added a number of options for adding your business to the Sustainable Home Hub! Be sure to check out the growing number of businesses to help you in creating a more sustainable home and join us here with the code HUBSTER to get 20% discount for your business.

Sustainable Home Consults

I am now offering more slots for helping you to decorate or update your home. These are online consults, of up to an hour, available anywhere.

Do you need some advice for an interior project at home? Whether it is an entire home fit out, renovation or build, or just some advice on a small decorating project, I can help with guiding you to a more sustainable approach. Get advice on where to source products, what eco, fair trade or sustainable options are out there and what steps to take. I work with individual home owners, and other professionals such as designers and builders, to help with anything from furniture and homewares selection, to paints and other finishes.

In this 1 hour consult we will work through what you need help with and I will develop a plan of action so you can continue and complete the work that is needed. I will guide you to links and businesses who can help you to finish your project with sustainability at the centre. I can also source items for you, but additional costs may apply depending on time needed.

I will provide you with a report after our consult, which includes recommended links and suggestions for what products, materials, finishes and services you might want to select. This consult is $99 for 1 room. Additional costs will be quoted in the brief, depending on your needs. There are discounts for multiple rooms. Please head here to book & I will be in touch within 4 days.

Recycled Interiors Store

In 2019 we will continue to expand the online store, with more vintage, more green living products, fair trade and ethically made homewares. We want you to shop with purpose. Over Christmas, we have added some great plastic free options for soaps, shampoos and dental lace. We have also added some gorgeous bags recently if you have not checked those out. Head here. 


I am currently working on my fiction writing for kids and teens, with one manuscript complete and out with beta readers getting ready to go to agents, and another one I am currently writing. The environment features in both of these stories, but they are not eco stories – rather they are set on a backdrop that includes nature. The first one – The Heart of Scorpius – is a family drama set in rural NSW. The second one, The Forest Keepers, is a fantasy.

I am also planning a new non-fiction book in 2019 about how to live a more sustainable, gentle life (on the planet and yourself), without increasing your eco-anxiety. Stay tuned for more on that! If you have not bought a copy of my current book, head here for more. 

I am feeling very excited and optimistic about spending 2019 with you. I know I will continue to have health challenges and this is also the year where I finish my PhD in psychology – just 5 hard months to go and it will be all done. It has not been easy and it is not my favourite part of my life, but I am determined to complete it. Once done, I will be totally free to grow The Sustainable Hub and write my books without any other distractions. So a big year for me!

I would really love to hear about what you are doing, thinking and expecting from 2019, so feel free to share in the comments. Mr Recycled and I are also discussing how we can arrange an event so that we can meet some of you. We will be back soon once we decide on the best format for this. As I said, 2019 is all about kindness and community for us. Talk soon
xx Helen


  1. Caroline Whiting on January 4, 2019 at 9:34 am

    You are a legend. Look forward to it. HANG IN THERE

    • helene on January 7, 2019 at 10:29 am

      thank you! xx

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