Repurposed and Upcycled Furniture Inspiration

ideas and inspiration for upcycling furniture

Create a great day bed with pallet base and repurposed bed head. The timber mosaic top was constructed from timber offcuts – each individually sanded and shaped to fit.

Getting inspiration from other people for projects at home is what sharing is all about! A while ago, we shared the work of Deb & Noel Oliver – a quirky couple from the Gold Coast whose love for each other and passion for what they do gave birth to their brainchild Lucky 13 Creative Industries Australia. They are currently taking a break from the work, but we wanted to bring this story back to light, because it is filled with great ideas for your upcycled furniture projects at home.

ideas and inspiration for upcycling furniture

The couple started rescuing homeless furniture, saving it from imminent destruction and breathing new life into it through colour, design and “heart to art resuscitation”. Every piece has a story to tell…whether it be its history, how they acquired it, where they found it or what they had to do to revive it! You can also get great satisfaction from rescuing unwanted furniture and turning it into something to adore. The beauty of a handmade home is that you will have something truly unique, and personal to you. It is also a far better use of your time than staying on social media all day!

ideas and inspiration for upcycling furniture

Custom builds – using reclaimed timbers and pallets as well as new timbers, you can have a hand at creating a custom built bar, stools, tables, coffee tables, daybeds etc. 

Like these guys, you can draw your inspiration from the environment that surrounds you.  If you live beside the seaside, you might like a coastal influence. If you live in a city, you might like to add a touch of modern industrial.  If you live on acreage, it is very much about getting back to nature. Mix up a variety of mediums and styles, and make them work together. There is a huge amount of old pine furniture like this set below, which can be created into an entirely new look – the after photo shows a shabby chic, or even a coastal style, but you could paint it in a vraiety of colours or finishes, to suit your home and taste.ideas and inspiration for upcycling furniture

Paint and repair and return furniture to give a new life to something they might have otherwise been discarded. If the piece is still functional and can be fixed then instead of replacing it just repaint it!ideas and inspiration for upcycling furniture

ideas and inspiration for upcycling furniture

Ideas for a repurposed wine barrel….this barrel was on its way to the tip after spending 20 years in someone’s garden – 3 days of dirty work sanding was well worth the effort! The only cuts were forr the legs.

A great lot of inspiration for your projects! Do you have some to share? Drop us a line!


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