Merriest of Days Recyclers!

christmas-decorating-vintage-styleHello Recyclers, I know you will be thinking more about offline life and those you love, as well as hopefully enjoying some down time now. If you are feeling not so hot at the moment, I hope that things get better for you. If you are alone or missing someone dear to you, I wish you some beautiful moments in coming days. Sometimes those moments come in the most unexpected of places – a glance at the sky to notice the pink in the clouds as the sun sets and rises; the scent on the air of a lemon scented gum or flower; the way the warm water feels on your skin in the shower; the softness of your bed; an embrace with a loved one or animal. Life is fleeting, it is busy and crazy and wonderful and horrible. As magical things happen, terrible things happen alongside and I always remember the words of John Lennon, that life is what happens to you while you are busy making other plans. Be sure to notice that life, your life, in all of its ups and downs.

What’s in Store for 2018?

I am looking towards 2018 and what it may bring us all. I am about to complete my qualifications in design over the next couple of months and am really excited about working with some of you on styling and shooting products for your businesses; and/or helping you create a healthier home that you love – with my Recycled Interiors Sustainable Styling Services. This includes product and home styling, as well as healthy home consults. I am taking bookings now for 2018, so please get in touch.

The Sustainable Home Hub is going to crank up in 2018 and we are really looking forward to sharing lots of amazing design, build and decorate businesses out there, with regular blog and social media features. Get on board here with your business!

The blog will be featuring all sorts of stories, tips, guides and more. We will also be cranking up our community on Facebook with weekly chat topics, so head here to join us.  The shop will continue to bring you a mix of vintage, eco and sustainable homewares and more, with locally made and fair trade items too. If you have not joined the Recycled Club, be sure to head here and join to grab the exclusive club discounts and more.

And finally – still need a last minute gift? No more time to post items but you can gift a gift voucher to our store! Ranges from $25-$250 and can be used on all items including styling and healthy home consulting – head here and purchase and I will email your voucher for gifting!

Wishing you all a wonderful end to 2017, some love and plenty of joy in the small things
lots of love, Helen

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