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upcycled and rustic furniture

Three of a Kind Furniture

By helene | September 6, 2018 | 0

Karl Bergersen is the founder and Creative Director at Three of a Kind Furniture¬† Based in Leichhardt, for the last 26 years, Three of a Kind Furniture has been busy supplying Sydney, interstate and overseas buyers with handmade furniture in historic timbers with eco friendly finishes. During this time their small, cottage style business has only had a handful of proud and dedicated craftsmen. “It is a specialised area because a regular cabinet maker would not understand the Three of a Kind aesthetic” explains Karl. “Most importantly this requires respect and consideration for the patina of the mostly 100+ year…

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Taking Steps Towards a More Sustainable Life

By helene | September 4, 2018 | 2

I am one of the lucky ones. As a little girl my head was filled with knowing. About the importance of love. About the way everything is so much better when you notice the small things. About how the sunlight through the trees, or the gentle sounds of the waves, or the ducks waddling along the creek, can bring such joy. I was filled up by my parents with the importance of valuing all people and all living things. I was given the gift of understanding that age is a good thing. That growing older means you are living, that…

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the block 2018 master bedroom reveals Norm and Jess

Australian Handmade and Sustainable Bedroom Ideas

By helene | September 3, 2018 | 0

Are you watching The Block 2018? If you have not caught up with our thoughts on the removal of the people living in the Gatwick and our concerns about this, you can read more here. Due to this we decided to focus on just sharing local businesses, handmade and artists, sustainable and eco products used in the rooms each week. I spend hours trawling through the images and product lists, and checking on the business websites, so we can share with you. This week on The Block 2018 we are focusing on some of the sustainable items used in the…

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