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Helen Edwards Award winning blogger and author Australia

Welcome to The Sustainable Home Hub, where we are all about people and planet. I am Helen Edwards, an award winning blogger and children's author. I am Mama to 3 beautiful sons and I am completing my PhD in psychology. Our focus is on reducing eco-anxiety, removing barriers to sustainability, and helping you to take small simple actionable steps, towards a sustainable home and life.

Celebrate diversity, love your own style, and connect more with each other. Stop worrying about what other people think and more about what you can do to be happier, healthier, and create a home you love that's better for you, your family and our planet.

Helen x

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how to create a more sustainable home and use mindfulness to feel happy and calm about your home

How to Create a More Mindful & Sustainable Home

By helene | January 3, 2019 | 0

With the invention of social media there are more and more ways to see beautiful images and information all of the time, which can be inspirational. But it can also give you the sense that everyone else is living some…

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Simple Ways to Reduce Your Eco-Anxiety

By helene | January 2, 2019 | 10

Do you find yourself agonizing over your choice of cleaning products? Do you beat yourself up every time you stray from your no plastic bag commitment, or worry about the future of the planet for your children so much you…

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how to make an upcycled tie ottoman

How to Make an Upcycled Tie Ottoman

By helene | December 31, 2018 | 0

Making something out of an item that had a totally different purpose originally is not only great for the planet, but very satisfying! Making things with your hands creates a unique home, one that has your stamp, and it allows…

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Eco Home Stirling House Tour

By helene | December 28, 2018 | 6

A little while ago, we were lucky to tour this eco home at Stirling in the Adelaide Hills, as part of Sustainable House Day. It is a bit of a landmark when it comes to sustainable homes, as it was…

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how to create a peaceful home

7 Ways to Create a More Peaceful Home

By helene | December 19, 2018 | 26

Do you feel like your home is your haven? Or does the thought of sitting down quietly somewhere and getting away from the world cause you to pull your hair out among the clutter and chaos? It is possible to…

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14 Ways to Reduce Christmas Stress

By helene | December 17, 2018 | 4

Do you love Christmas? I do. Unashamedly, totally and wholeheartedly. I love the lead up, the thinking about gifts, the meal planning, the present wrapping and sneaking around being Mother Christmas, the mess on Christmas Day, the noise, the bling,…

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