Please Vote For Me in the AusMumpreneur Awards 2019

I am popping in today with a special request. I don’t often ask for support, but today I am wondering if you could find a few minutes to vote for me in an award that means a lot to me?

I have been nominated in the AusMumpreneur awards! As well as the judged section for sustainability for which I won bronze last year, I am up for the people’s choice Influencer award and need YOUR help!

Please go here 
and scroll to the Influencer category and vote for me. One vote per person.

And please share the link with your family and friends. Your support is so very much appreciated. It really helps me to keep moving forward with trying to make a difference to our world and our beautiful children’s futures.

The AusMumpreneur Awards, presented by The AusMumpreneur Network, celebrate and recognize Australian Mums in business achieving outstanding success in areas such as business excellence, product development, customer service, sustainability and digital innovation. The awards are designed to recognize the growing number of women who successfully balance motherhood and business in a way that suits their life and family.

Many people are suffering with what is often called climate grief and eco-anxiety, making it harder for them to keep moving forward. I believe we are at the most critical point of human history. There will be no turning back. So many people are trying to make changes, but they are feeling exhausted, burned out, despairing about the future. People in our community of 140,000, tell me this every day. They also say my words matter to them, that I give them hope. If we don’t share stories of hope and optimism, how we will go on? How will our children go on? I cannot watch my children stand with their heads in their hands, asking me what is the point? I cannot stand by and see continued destruction of our environment, when I know there are solutions. This award will help me spread my words wider into the world, to say, “we are here, we are with you, it is ok to feel sad, but we can also hold onto hope, together”.

My children inspired me to start my business. It’s getting harder to hold onto hope. The daily onslaught of terrible news, how we are destroying the planet, destroying ourselves. Seeing our children, marching for change, feeling frightened nobody will care. Reading comments on social media that dig into your heart, reminding you there’s so many people who have no empathy, no equality, no humanity. But we must grasp hope with both hands and clutch it to our hearts. We must fill ourselves up with love and those who will change the world for the better. We must look upon our children’s beautiful faces, filled with the hope of growing up, and tell them everything’s going to be alright. Because love has the power to change the world.
thank you so much for your continued support
Remember to head here to vote

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