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Hello there! I have been struggling with ongoing health isues including my eye injury flaring up and then a terrible night with my type 1 diabetes that kept me up all night and scared the daylights out of me….I am a lot better this week and thank you to everyone who has sent messages. I hope you are feeling well and happy. All of this illness has kept me away from some trips for work, but that has not been all bad, as my favourite place to be is at home and I know you love your home too. I wrote these this week.

A Brand New Day

Recovery was sweet and she leapt out of bed, eager for a brand new day, forgetting the fragility of the day before, where time was suspended in a dimension of the sick, she was eager to see what this day would bring. That is the beauty of time, she thought, no matter what terrible things might happen to you and people you love, there’s always a brand new day. There’s always the sun climbing up out of bed too, stretching her long fingers across the day. There’s always the voices of a thousand birds, the wise birds, who chatter to all who will listen about the joy of each day as it begins. There’s always time, moving forwards, tick tocking away on her collection of vintage clocks, steady in the morning light and the certainty of a brand new day.

The Keeper Of The Things

And just like the saying goes, all that glitters was not gold. Even better than that, it was the soft green of the plants that graced her home, the deep copper and brass of the treasures she discovered as she journeyed through local opshops, the glint of colour on gathered fabrics that took her breath away, the sweet smooth timbers and warm wickers of the chairs nobody else wanted. It was the taste of tea drunk from an old china cup covered in roses which had touched a thousand lips, the delight in the stories that lay behind old mirrors, shaped like life from another time, that adorned her walls. The glitter was not in gold. She knew this to be true. It was in stories and memories and time, and the threads carried in things, that connect us together and propel us backwards and forwards, to memories and dreams.

Join the #realhomesmovement #realhomesrenovation segment!

During the week, I posted a picture of Sasha’s outdoor room, asking for some help on covering a door and window – and you all responded with so many ideas! It was so popular that we have decided to start a weekly #realhomesmovement renovations segment! I am looking for people who have a room or area of their home they would love to hear the wisdom of ideas from our amazing community for – from big to small. It can be as simple as a window covering idea or paint options to a whole room change. It also connects to an exciting new free 7 day challenge I am putting together for you to renovate or refresh a room in your home for under $100! Stay tuned for more on this! Please let me know if you want to go on the list for the real rooms renovations.

Sasha’s Deck

7 Days #Realhomesmovement Renovation Challenge

Do you have rearranging days? We brought our oak dropleaf table back inside after a couple of years and the melamine table onto the deck for outdoor dining. Feels like a whole new room! Renovating and rearranging from your own things will be just one part of our new 7 day challenge starting soon – #realhomesmovement renovation challenge – #realhomesrenovation stay tuned!

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Have a wonderful day
xx Helen

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