Showcase of Energy Storage Technologies in Australia

Technology is changing so very fast in many sectors and none more so than in renewables and energy storage. Australia is perfectly positioned to be developing alternatives to fossil fuels and creative ways to store and use energy – both in large scale and residential settings. At Recycled Interiors HQ we have recently started our solar and battery journey, and we are always looking to learn more to share with you. I will have the opportunity next week to do this, at the Australian Energy Storage Conference and Exhibition, where over 60 energy storage companies will showcase their innovative technologies current in the market for the residential sector.

The free-to-attend exhibition will feature Tesla, Redflow, Hyundai, Arrugio, Victron, Sofar Solar, Mitsubishi, Kokam, Bustech, INGE Team, among many others. I will be chatting with them to find out what is available and what is coming for residential energy storage, and will be attending some of the key sessions at the conference as well. As a born and bred South Aussie I am looking forward to hearing why Adelaide is making global headlines and cementing our reputation as a world leader in clean energy.

Whilst there is a focus on industry and business, there will be plenty of take away information that is relevant to residential energy storage. The Australian Energy Storage Conference will explore and represent the many different applications, use cases, and technologies that make up the Energy Storage umbrella. This is not a ‘one size fits all’ technology, but rather a ‘solution to fit every situation,’ the common theme being the efficient use of energy. The theme is ‘Storing Energy for a Sustainable Future,’ and will take a wide focus on the technologies that will help us achieve this goal.

Renewable Cities Australia is also running their third annual forum, Electric Vehicle Workshop and Exhibition which I am hoping to get a look at as well. The goal of Renewable Cities is to promote and share the work and innovation happening in Australian cities and towns towards going renewable and achieving carbon neutral targets. As a global leader in maximising the opportunities of a low carbon economy, Adelaide is the natural choice to host this event, and we are very proud of what we are doing in South Australia. The Electric Vehicle Exhibition will present the leadership that is happening to advance energy use and generation in urban areas of cities, towns and regional areas, host discussions on societal change and the way power is distributed, and workshops showcasing the progress towards electrification of transport.

Topics across the 2 days include:

  • Microgrid Case Studies (both on and off-grid)
  • Energy Storage for Peak Shaving/Load Shifting
  • Pumped Hydro Energy Storage
  • Mechanical Energy Storage (Flywheels and Compressed Air)
  • Thermal Energy Storage
  • Hydrogen (Electrolysis and Fuel Cell Case Studies)
  • Software Solutions for Energy Storage
  • Utility Energy Storage (Various Applications)
  • Flow Batteries
  • Energy Storage for Mining Telecom and Remote Communities
  • Future Technologies
  • Pacific Island Case Studies

Event details

Date: Wednesday 23 – Thursday 24 May 2018
Time: 8.30am – 5.00pm

Venue: Adelaide Convention Centre 
Cost: The Exhibition is free-to-attend; however the conference is a paid event.

I will be sharing from the event as well as afterwards on the blog. For more information, visit

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