The Arms of Home

I am flying to Canberra on Thursday for the national diabetes in pregnancy conference for my PhD research. I wrote this today for all of my fellow introverts who push themselves out into the world. 💖🌻💖

The Arms of Home

A homebody at heart, nothing cheered her spirits more than those long light filled days in her little house.

Whether it be a deliciously slow Sunday or a working day full of thinking and doing and creating and words, home really was where her heart was held.

Yet, she wandered out into the world, over and over, each time with a mixture of excitement and fear, each time with doubts and anxiety about being out in the big wide world, each time growing from the experience of new things, new places, new opportunities.

But most of all, each time taking huge delight in her homecoming and the joy of return to her loved ones arms and the embrace of home.



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