Your Ultimate Guide to Sustainable Home Decor Shopping

Your Ultimate Guide to Sustainable Home Decor ShoppingCreating a home that looks and feels fabulous is important to so many of us, but it can be confusing knowing what is sustainable, and how to make the best choices. At Recycled Interiors we have always advocated for buying recycled, secondhand and vintage furniture and homewares, as a key part of your shopping for your eco home. We also support locally made, handmade, fairtrade and designer pieces. A combination of old and new creates a stunning look and feel in your home. We do not support any rules when it comes to this however. You might be like us and furnish your home mostly in vintage furniture. You might want to add mostly new items, with a couple of key vintage ones. I often buy my linen and some decor pieces new. We also support local makers and often purchase a potted plant, candle or artwork, from a local maker.

As curators of the Sustainable Home Hub we have our fingers on the pulse of the latest and greatest online shopping destinations for your sustainable home decorating! Our list is big and growing each week.  If you want to look for furniture, homewares, linen and soft furnishings for your home, we have put together the first of our series – Your Ultimate Guide to Sustainable Home Shopping.

Your Ultimate Guide to Sustainable Home Decor Shopping - Prinka eco bedding


Buying bedding is a very personal thing. It is important to choose ethically made, natural materials, that will last the distance. Prinka are an online retailer of organic and ethically made bedding. Prinka bedding is made from 100% GOTS certified organic cotton. Founder Jennifer, is passionate about a clean cotton production line, one which cares for people and planet. Cotton is a fantastic natural material but choosing organic cotton over traditional cotton can have a hugely positive impact on the environment and produces a high quality product.

fairtrade handmade homewares with the Spotted QuollThe Spotted Quoll

The Spotted Squoll Studio create the most beautiful products for your home from their base in Tasmania and ship their gorgeous ethical nature inspired homewares across the world. They not only produce their own exclusive ethical ranges for your home and body, but they hunt locally, nationally and globally for wonderful thoughtful design that fit with their ethos and love of all things wild and natural, from recycled wool blankets to printed linen cushions to earthy gift wares or removable eco – friendly wall spots or even the biggest wool bean bags you might ever see.

handmade, ethical and fair trade beddingCommon Texture

Common Texture is an online boutique with a beautiful collection of handcrafted homewares, accessories and travel goods. Designed with global craftspeople, featuring natural fibres and a zero waste concept.

Some of the things you can find at Common Texture include:

  • Sustainably harvested banana fibre baskets and bags
  • 100% pure flax linen hand block printed in a fairtrade studio for bedding, robes and table linens
  • Upcycled pure cotton Do Good Yoga Mat Bags
  • Natural Wooden earrings
  • Upcycled veg tan leather travel accessories
  • Sustainably sourced rattan handwoven bangle range

handmade fairtrade turkish towels

Aegean Loom

Aegean Loom are a sustainable brand creating small batch sustainable towels. These are limited edition designs created for the discerning, stylish, sustainability conscious person, who believes in buying less of what they don’t need and investing in quality, luxurious products that will stand the test of time. It is the old adage of buy once and buy well.  Aegean Loom towels will last in excess of 20 years if looked after properly. They remind you of a time when quality products were made to last, not made to expire which promotes unconscious consumerism. They are very high quality and the gentle hand weaving techniques mean these towels will stay soft and luxurious compared to mass-produced, bleached and chemically-treated factory made towels. The team at Aegean Loom work with the last few remaining families of Turkish weavers to bring you these GOTS certified organic cotton towels and pestemal towels. Once thriving in it’s weaving industry, Turkey has very little left of this traditional craft.

Your Ultimate Guide to Sustainable Home Decor Shopping - the Killapilla


Killa Industries brings healthy, safe and spinally correct sleep to the world with their KillaPilla. Developed by Chiropractor Dr Todd Gignac and his wife Carolina to be The Healthiest Pillow on the Planet, the Killapilla combines the latest in design technology with only the purest and most natural materials of the past.  They have created a natural, organic, non-toxic, and spinally correct pillow. Covered in GOTS Certified Organic Cotton, filled with all-natural Australian Wool certified Oeko-Tex 100 Standard, and Handcrafted in Queensland, Australia.

The Killapilla – Benefits and Features:
* Chiropractor Recommended

* Non-Toxic

* GOTS Certified Organic Cotton Fabric – Zippered Protective Pillow Cover included

* All Natural Oeko-Tex Standard 100 Australian Wool Fill

* Dual Cell Technology containing a zippered pouch for neck inserts

* Customizable – 2 different sized neck inserts included

* Spinally Correct

* Hand Crafted in Australia

* Plastic Free Packaging

* Recyclable Packaging

* Biodegradable Product

* Poly Fill Free

Your Ultimate Guide to Sustainable Home Decor Shopping - Baby Peppers eco friendly bedding for your little one

Baby Peppers

Baby Peppers is an eco online store that specialises in products created with traditional vintage crafts. Their speciality is creating bohemian block printed textile collections for your little ones, but they do stock other products that have been made from traditional crafts. The store was born out of a desire to satisfy nostalgia – a longing to revive centuries old artforms and the need to amplify slow fashion. As the business has grown the brand has become connected to ensuring that parents have access to a wholesome and affordable shopping option, offering ethically crafted goods that will last a lifetime.

Your Ultimate Guide to Sustainable Home Decor Shopping - tribe and temple handmade cushions

Tribe and Temple

Tribe & Temple is a beautiful online business offering handmade cushions. Disposable, mass produced, copycat interiors say nothing about who we really are. Tribe & Temple is interested in the beauty and diversity of self-expression in real homes – and in the relationship between self and home. Kath O’Sullivan is chief cushion slinger, fabric wrangler, designer and founder of Tribe & Temple. As an artisan, writer and psychotherapist making a new creative life in Bellingen, NSW, Kath’s eclectic past is reflected in her designs. Kath uses a mix of vintage and new textiles to create her cushions. Repurposing tribal textiles is a particular interest/addiction! Many of her fabrics and other textiles are sourced directly from suppliers in tribal villages. Some are pieces of traditional costumes; some are handcrafted using traditional weaving, dyeing or printing methods. Others are new designer fabrics sourced from manufacturers. Including new fabrics in my offering extends a client’s opportunity to choose, and often co-create, something that fits their personal style. When Kath is designing, she tries to honour and be led by the textile itself. She has also started making her own inserts so her cushions don’t have to be a standard size. This means she can also use bits and pieces that might otherwise be discarded.

Your Ultimate Guide to Sustainable Home Decor Shopping - recycled mats chindi rugs

Recycled Mats

Recycled Mats are a specialty rug store, offering a wide range of rugs and mats for your home, from recycled materials. Choosing great floor coverings is about getting the perfect balance of function and style. At Recycled Mats, every rug features stunning, colourful designs, whilst ticking all the boxes for comfort, sustainability and durability. Recycled Mats founder JJ, believes that what you put into your home should also tell a story. It might be the story of who you are and where you come from, or a story of faraway lands. It could be educational, meaningful or simply just colourful! Made from 100% recycled materials, all mats are designed for sharing cultural stories, whether it’s a class of children playing music on their Aboriginal mats, or a family gathering on a beautiful Polynesian pattern for fireside festivities. The mat motifs are commissioned from talented artists, who celebrate authentic cultural stories through their designs.

Your Ultimate Guide to Sustainable Home Decor ShoppingEcolateral

Ecolateral Earth Friendly Living is a retail business available in Adelaide and online, offering a wide range of environmentally responsible products to help you reduce your carbon footprint and to care for your health and wellbeing in your home. The product range includes certified organic bulk and packaged food, toxic free cleaning/body and hair care, toxic free makeup, sustainable and ethical underwear/fashion/accessories, eco homewares (sheets, bath towels, stainless steel food containers etc.), Food Waste Management Systems, educational toys and books, unique and ethical giftware and much more.

Your Ultimate Guide to Sustainable Home Decor Shopping

Dollma Design

Dollma Design is a hand-crafted, unique and contemporary homewares brand, developed in Melbourne, in 2014. It is a partnership between two long-time friends, Olga and Danijela, who share a passion for art, craft and handmade homewares. They offer handmade baskets, wall art, cushions and wood & metal items, all self-designed and hand-crafted in Melbourne. Through their business, they aim to inspire you in your home with shapes, colour and textures. They make baskets with a variety of materials including cotton, jute, manila rope or sisal, with or without added coloured yarns or metallic elements. They strive to design and create products that will stand a test of time and bring uniqueness and true handmade to your home.

Your Ultimate Guide to Sustainable Home Decor Shopping - fairtrade with OxfamOxfam Shop

Oxfam Australia Trading are a social enterprise supporting access to fair and equitable employment, income and training opportunities, ultimately helping people to define their own futures. Oxfam are the leading ethical retailer in Australia, highlighting their unique point of difference, whilst influencing for change in communities both locally and globally. They offer the highest quality and unique product ranges. Oxfam live their values through every part of the organisation including staff and volunteers, customers, stakeholders, partners and the communities in which they work. With a vast range of products on offer for your home including kitchen, gift, homewares, toys, accessories, wellbeing, stationery and a wide range of global food and drinks – you’re sure to find the perfect unique, quality, handmade product at your local Oxfam Shop.

Your Ultimate Guide to Sustainable Home Decor Shopping - the Bower reuse centreThe Bower

The Bower Reuse & Repair Centre is an environmental charity where second-hand comes first. Established in 1997, The Bower is committed to reducing waste going to landfill by accepting donations of furniture, building materials, bikes, books and household goods, and re-selling at very low prices to benefit all members of the community. The Bower encourages creative reuse of items through an in-store consignment program featuring upcycled goods, and repair of items through educating people how to repair, restore and refinish furniture. A repair café, the first in Australia, operates at Marrickville every Wednesday 1pm – 4pm and on the last Saturday of every month at Parramatta 10am – 12pm. You can bring your dodgy electrical items, wobbly bikes or rickety timber furniture along and receive free assistance in repairing it at the Repair Café. The Bower building in Marrickville is Sydney’s first strawbale construction, featuring recycled building materials throughout, and has solar panels and rainwater tanks for providing power and water. They also have an online store so you can shop from wherever you are located.

Your Ultimate Guide to Sustainable Home Decor Shopping - recycled picture framesMulbury

Mulbury’s purpose is to help reduce landfill by recycling various materials into homewares. Mulbury’s owner, Gerard Melder, was previously a builder by trade. He saw endless amounts of timber and other materials being thrown out on a daily basis. He thought that there is surely a way to recycle all these materials to stop so much waste being poured into our tips. They were an instant hit and over 20 years later, Mulbury continues making these picture frames.  Mulbury has since added fair trade recycled products to it’s list.  Today their signature product is their rescued timber picture frames of different styles. When you purchase a Mulbury product you are helping reduce landfill, stop global warming and preserving our forests for future generations.

Your Ultimate Guide to Sustainable Home Decor Shopping - the Swag bag

The Swag

The Swag is an innovative, reusable, fresh produce storage bag that keeps your fruit and vegetables fresh and crisp. When sealed in a plastic bag, your food is unlikely to last very long at all, and exposed to the fridge without a cover, it tends to wilt.  If you want your fruit & veggies to stay fresher for much longer, then you need to give them an environment they can thrive in. We use and recommend the Aussie made Swag bags. The Swag is a non-toxic, environmentally-friendly, sustainable, machine-washable, breathable bag, meaning fruit & veggies stay fresher for much longer – naturally. So, it’s great for your wallet and good for the environment too!

handmade eco friendly wraps for your food including vegan food wrapsWrappa

We now know so much about the need to stop using single use plastics. The widespred use of plastic food wraps, containers, water bottles, bags and straws, are wreaking havoc on our environment. It is creating oppportunities for people to create alternatives. WRAPPA hand make fun & funky reusable food wraps from 100% cotton, local beeswax, tree resin & jojoba oil. They were also the FIRST to bring you a plant based, vegan friendly wrap too. An environmentally friendly alternative to plastic wrap for all your food and kitchen related needs, once you start using these fabulous wraps, you will wonder why you ever used plastic!

Your Ultimate Guide to Sustainable Home Decor Shopping - little bumble wraps

Little Bumble

Little Bumble™ are passionate about educating and empowering all households to rely on a more sustainable way to keep food fresher for longer. By handcrafting premium, reusable beeswax food wraps, they are helping households reduce plastic pollution and also food wastage. The Little Bumble Studio is situated in the green rolling hills of Gippsland Victoria, surrounded by many hard working farmers who provide beautiful fresh produce. Little Bumble™ wraps are created to fulfil the need to keeping this fresh produce for as long as possible while also avoiding plastic waste. They lovingly hand cut and hand dipped 100% cotton fabric with local and natural ingredients in the Little Bumble Studio and also offer DIY kits and classes, so you can make your own.

Your Ultimate Guide to Sustainable Home Decor Shopping - organic woolWhite Gum Wool

Creating your own homewares and clothing is such a joy. If you are a knitter, you will want to know about White Gum Wool and their ethical superfine merino knitting yarn and fibre from Tasmania’s highlands.  White Gum Wool sheep are raised on a single farm, in the high midlands of Tasmania. They graze in mostly native pastures where they can find the plants they need to keep healthy.  Mamas teach their babies how to forage in this landscape, hanging out in family groups of grandmas, mamas and lambkins.  Sheep are highly social animals, and keeping families together means the sheep are just plain happier. The abundant, diverse landscapes are healthy, too—they are real ecosystems doing what ecosystems do best—turning sunlight and water into energy through a squillion different animal and plant pathways.  No herbicides, fertilisers, pesticides or fungicides are used in growing White Gum Wool. White Gum Wool is made into yarn by Design Spun in New Zealand, having first been scoured by Canterbury Wool Scourers. NewMerino ® Chain of Custody certifies the sustainability and traceability of the yarn.  When you buy White Gum Wool, you are making a choice that honours the landscape, animals and people who make it possible.

Your Ultimate Guide to Sustainable Home Decor Shopping - 2nd chance tables2nd Chance Tables

2nd Chance Tables are a Melbourne based furniture maker operating from their Northcote workshop. They create custom recycled timber furniture including dining tables, sideboards, coffee tables, buffets and…well anything that can be crafted by hand really! They use only recycled and sustainably grown timber in their builds.

STUMP- The Cracked Log Lamp/Table/Stool by Duncan Meerding

Duncan Meerding Design

Duncan Meerding is a furniture and lighting designer based in Hobart, Tasmania. Working with a range of materials, his designs draw heavily from the vast natural beauty of the Tasmanian wilderness. With a focus on form and texture, much of Duncan’s work features organic curving lines inspired by the local landscape. Many of his designs highlight the highly tactile nature of the materials used, embracing their natural characteristics, such as the bark that still clings to the objects in the Cracked Log series. The relationship between light and shadow and light dispersion are also integral to his design process. Being legally blind with less than 5% of his sight remaining, the vision of light emanating from the peripheries of the different objects, reflect the alternative sensory world within which he designs.  Rather than focus on quick-moving trends, each design is created with a focus on longevity.

Ingrain DesignsYour Ultimate Guide to Sustainable Home Decor Shopping - ingrain designs timber

Ingrain Designs create recycled, reclaimed and sustainable timber furniture. You name it, they make it. They live and breathe timber. A small crew of woodworkers committed to the craft of handmade timber furniture and creating sustainable keepsake pieces, director and owner, Ben Purchase comes from three generations of carpenters. He spent his upbringing alongside grandpa Jack in the workshop and his dad Brett on worksites across Melbourne. Now they work together. Their diverse range of skills bring a little something different to each and every piece of furniture they make. Each and every piece is handmade from recycled, reclaimed or sustainably sourced materials.

House of Bamboo

House of Bamboo® offers a unique range of bamboo and related materials of natural beauty for versatile outdoor and interior projects. The business is wonderful for professionals and home and garden lovers alike, who want to create imaginative, affordable and environmentally friendly home and landscape solutions. They offer environmentally responsible, quality bamboo and related materials which can be integrated into your home and which create a natural ambience and beauty. House of Bamboo® products are Australia’s most varied collection of classic and new low maintenance materials that are designed to create ambience and complement any setting. The high flooring is made from moso bamboo timber approximately seven years old and grown in approved plantation forests. This ensures optimal maturity of the bamboo timber and its resulting quality strength and durability. They regularly add new products to their range.

Your Ultimate Guide to Sustainable Home Decor Shopping - moonlit sleep organic cottonMoonlit Sleep

Moonlit Sleep offer organic cotton bedding for your baby and child. The bedding is beautifully soft and luxurious, coloured with eco friendly, non toxic dyes. Importantly it is also ethically and sustainably made and GOTS certified. This means the sheets and other bedding ranges are gentle on delicate skin and kind on the environment.

Your Ultimate Guide to Sustainable Home Decor Shopping - ettitude bamboo


Ettitude is a Melbourne based sustainable lifestyle label offering modern, simple and quality bedding that is kind to your skin and the environment. Ettitude is the first in Australia to use 100% organic bamboo lyocell in bedding; it is the one of the most sustainable resources due to its closed-loop production cycle. Normal bamboo fabrics can be very unsustainable due to the processing methods. Ettitude bedding is hypoallergenic, naturally bacteria proof and moisture wicking.  It is gentle on hair, skin and perfect for a healthy sleep. The organic bamboo lyocell is fabricated with high eco-standards and a closed-loop system that recycles and reuses water to minimise waste. While cotton production is labour intensive and involves a lot of chemicals and fresh water, the bamboo industry is a lot more sustainable – the fibre yield per acre from bamboo is up to 10 times higher than cotton, and it requires less than 1/10 of the water that cotton needs.

This is just a start! We will be sharing more eco shopping and sustainable home businesses and would love to know if you have someone who should be on our Hub and our blog – please get in touch

Helen xx

*this post contains an affiliate link to one product – the Killapilla, which means we receive a small commission if you purchase one of their beautiful pillows.

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